chartered tax asvisers & accountants

"Stark Main & Co are proud of the difference we can make together. With our drive and passion we will help you to change the numbers that are important to you."

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"We are able to confirm unequivocably that the service provided by Stark Main , whether by Partners, Managers or Support Staff is quite simply second-to-none.  They deliver a service to our clients as we would wish it to be delivered."

Fyfe Ireland

"…we have required significant financial and strategic input and it has been a breath of fresh air to be able to access a wide range of services from you and your firm"

Milestone Garden & Leisure Ltd.

"… the difference in your approach is huge and being able to pick up the phone and meet regularly with you talk about financial matters has given me real confidence in taking the big decisions."

Ostles Tyres (Scotland) Ltd.

"With strength in depth and an understanding of the specific needs of motor industry professionals we can advise, support and help to build your business in the most positive ways."

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Welcome to Stark Main & Co

Micro businesses tend to be the fastest to pay their invoices out of all sizes of business in the UK, according to new...